0923: WAYWTN?

23 Sep

“I dressed up in a brown wrap dress and I’m wearing simple jewellery.  Hair needed a wash so ended up having to wash it tonight, so it’s a bit puffy, even though I put tonnes of Moroccan oil and stuff. Anyway it’s fine.  Brown stockings and brown, yellow, and orange ankle peep-toe sandals.  I look monochromatic, but it works I think.  I threw on an infinity scarf in the morning because it was about 69 degrees, so that broke the colour up a bit.”

“I’m wearing a grey and black striped t-shirt with blue skinny jeans and a red military sweater and Sam Edelman black ballet flats.  My hair is out and I am wearing African wooden earrings.”


0922: WAYWTN?

23 Sep
“I’m wearing a black and white skirt that looks like a skyline, black stockings and black open toe wedges.  A dark blue Vera Wang top with a bow that ties at the waist and a light grey cardigan. Accessorized with blue and silver jewellery.  Hair’s out and curled out here and there. Today actually it looks good.”

“I’m wearing a neon (ish) yellow top with silver studs on it, with my new grey cargo slim pants with Libby Edelman grey lace ups, and a grey woolish blazer with a belt..hair is up :)”

0920: WAYWTN?

20 Sep

“I’m wearing a striped top in nude and grey stripes, that’s a bit baggy and has longer sides than front and back and has little pockets.  On top of that I’m wearing my lace jacket (short one).  Chain necklace and stud earrings.   Tan pumps.  My hair is curly from this weekend when I curled it.”

“I’m wearing Gap brown trousers with a Forever 21 green sweater and my pink converse…I was feeling like being cosy today”

0917: WAYWTN?

17 Sep

“I was late this morning and wore a kurti (rather gawdy) with tight jeans and my hair in a pony I look very unlike how I usually do. :)”

“I’m wearing a vintagey looking top that has black printed french-looking ladies on it- it’s a flouncy blouse with a black cardigan and black cords and Sam Edelman brown oxfords with studs and a banana republic cream beaded bib necklace i got for $10!”

0916: What are you wearing today Nani?

16 Sep
“Today I’m wearing….drum roll please……..flute please :)…okay the leopard print top Mummy stitched for me!  🙂
I’m wearing it with dark stockings, and cut out oxfords in grey that I found at Bakers and a blazer.  A tiered necklace you gave in gold and black (chain and rope) finishes my look! Hairs a mess, but today sort of works.”

“I’m wearing a white linen shirt and dark blue jeans rolled up and blue ruffle steve madden flats.  My hair is out…”

0915: What are you wearing today Nani?

15 Sep
“I’m wearing a blousy black top that ties at the waist with skinny pants and open toe booties, little jewellery. I wore it with my velvet Michael Kors jacket (oldie but a goldie).  So all black today!! ha ha.but hair sucks, no makeup, because i was very late this AM.”

“Today I’m wearing a cream ruffled, lace sleeveless top with a black cardigan and that black skirt Mummy gave me for my b’day and my new Prada black shoes – like this but no peep toe”

0914: What are you wearing today Nani?

14 Sep

“I’m wearing black pants, and a leopard print top and a grey baggy sweater and some jewellery and beige tie up pumps.”

“I’m wearing black/grey skinny jeans with zippers along the sides, with a navy blue top which is kinda long and slinky and hangs over the bum, and also has little brown beads on the neckline – with a mustard yellow wrap sweater and brown beaded ballet flats.”

Leopard ballet flats

13 Sep

I finally got a pair of leopard print shoes (these) !  I wore them with all black – pencil leg black pants and a black crew t-shirt.  I threw on a mustardy coat over all of it.

0908: Happy Birthday Nani!!

8 Sep

Wishing my dear sister the happiest of birthdays!

Chobe Chilwero

27 Aug

I’m looking for inspiration on how to decorate our living room, and since my family grew up in Botswana, Africa, I keep looking to that direction.

First stop? Architectural Digest.  Which was one of my Dad’s favourite subscriptions, that, and National Geographic, so when I found this article in AD, I was hooked on getting this exact couch.

And now, of course,  I just want to go to there.